Jessica Rose Keyworth was a sweet 16 year old girl with a sparkle in her almond shaped eyes and a smile that could steal your heart away. Jessica brought joy to everyone she encountered.
In Jessica’s early years, like most youngsters growing up, she had ever changing dreams of being a skater like Nancy Kerrigan, a world class pastry chef or a entrepreneur yet to be defined. Those entire dreams came to a tragic end on Memorial Day weekend 2004 with her untimely death.
Jessica’s body was discovered on the first of June 2004 in an outside basement stairwell of an abandoned house located 23-25 Pearl Street in Waterbury, Connecticut. The Chief Medical Examiner confirmed that she was murdered by strangulation.
Jessica was a student at Shriver Job Corps Center in Devens, Massachusetts. After
visiting friends and family members in Connecticut over the Memorial Day weekend she traveled to Waterbury to meet up with a classmate and return to school.
On May 30th 2004, Jessica got on a metro-north train traveling from Bridgeport
to Waterbury. She was wearing blue jeans and an oversized gray t-shirt with a historical
map of New Jersey on it. Police investigation confirmed that she spoke to a passenger on the train who gave her directions from the Waterbury train station to McDonald’s at Brass Mill Commons Mall which is near her classmate’s home.
Jessica’s whereabouts after leaving the Waterbury train station on foot and the discovery of her body the following day continues to be a mystery.
The reward to find Jessica’s killer has been raised to $50,000, according to the Waterbury Police Department.

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