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Zebb Quinn in ROTC Uniform


Sometimes when someone disappears, the police have plenty of clues, but the clues don’t make sense or they point in different directions. Such is the case in the very strange disappearance of Zebb Quinn.

Zebb Wayne Quinn disappeared on January 2, 2000, from Asheville, NC. He was employed at the Walmart store on Hendersonville Road and was at work on January 2. He left work at 9 p.m. and met his friend Robert Jason Owens. The two young men were going to look at a Mitsubishi Eclipse that Zebb was interested in buying. On their way, they stopped for sodas at a Citgo gas station on Hendersonville Road not far from the Walmart, and video footage from the store shows the pair entering the store around 9:15 p.m. The same footage show their cars pulling away from the station’s parking area a few minutes later, heading toward Long Shoals Road.

Around 9:30 p.m., Zebb flashed his lights at Owens and the two cars pulled over to the side of the road. He told Owens that he had received a page and needed to make a phone call right away. Law enforcement later confirmed that the page had come from Zebb’s aunt’s telephone. He drove off, then returned about ten minutes later and accidentally rear-ended Owens’ pick-up truck. Zebb told Robert that something had come up and he couldn’t look at the Mitsubishi that night, and he drove away. He was never seen again.

Owens was treated for broken ribs and a head injury that he claimed were from another automobile accident that occurred in the early morning hours of January 3, several hours after he last saw Zebb. Police were suspicious about Owens being involved in two accidents just a few hours apart, particularly since the second accident where he claimed he was injured was never reported to police.

On January 4, someone claiming to be Zebb called the Walmart to say that he would not be coming to work that day. After the call ended, Zebb’s supervisor hit *69 to see where the call had come from, and it turned out that the call had been made from the local Volvo automobile manufacturing plant. Robert Owens was employed at the plant, so police immediately were suspicious that he had made the call. When questioned, Owens admitted making the call, at Zebb’s request. After giving police his initial statement, Owens refused to cooperate with police further.

Zebb’s blue Mazda Protégé was found abandoned in the parking lot of a local restaurant, The Little Pigs Barbecue, on January 16, two weeks after his disappearance. The parking lot is across from Mission St. Joseph’s Hospital where Zebb’s mother, sister and grandmother all worked as nurses. A black Labrador Retriever puppy approximately 3 months old was found in the car. The dog didn’t belong to Zebb and police believe that the car was left in that location deliberately with the puppy inside so that it would be noticed right away. Police checked with local pet stores, dog breeders, and animal shelters but were unable to locate the source of the puppy. One of the investigating officers ended up adopting the puppy.

In addition to the dog, a plastic hotel key card, drink bottles, and a jacket that didn’t belong to Zebb were also found in the car, along with some strands of hair that were inconsistent with Zebb’s hair. A pair of lips and two exclamation points had been drawn on the rear window with lipstick. There was no sign of Zebb at the scene and no one had any idea who had left the car there. The hotel key card had no name on it, and none of the local hotels and motels were able to identify the card.

Police now suspect foul play in Zebb’s disappearance and are investigating the case as a homicide, and believe that more than one person is involved. In 2009, they collected hair, saliva and fingerprint from a female friend of Zebb’s, although they stress she is not a suspect in his disappearance. Zebb had told his family that the woman (identified as Misty Taylor) was in an abusive relationship, and that he himself had been threatened by her boyfriend.

Zebb’s aunt is also a mysterious figure. She claimed that she wasn’t at home at the time Zebb received the page, and she had witnesses to back her up. The witnesses were Misty Taylor’s family, who the aunt was friendly with and had gone to their house to discuss a business plan – apparently they were planning to start a business together.

There has been considerable speculation that more than one person was responsible for Zebb’s disappearance, and that Misty’s boyfriend was involved. Maybe the page that Zebb received was from Misty, asking him to meet her at a local motel and that the two spent the night together and were later discovered by Misty’s boyfriend. It is also possible that Misty’s boyfriend lured Zebb somewhere by using his aunt’s phone at a time when he knew she wasn’t at home. Robert Owens was arrested in 2007 following a high speed chase. He still refuses to talk to the police about Zebb. Also, 9 p.m. at night seems an odd time for two young men to go look at a car. Obviously a number of people know more about Zebb’s disappearance than they are admitting.

A local non-profit agency, Families Pursuing Justice, is offering a $2,500 Reward for information leading to locating Zebb.

Zebb Quinn is 5’9” tall and weighs around 165 lbs. He has brown hair that he wears in a neat short haircut, and blue-gray eyes. He wears contact lenses. He has scars between the middle and ring fingers on both hands. He has a learning or organizational disability and his family describes him as being not street-smart. He is close to his family and would never have left without warning or contacting them. At the time of his disappearance, Zebb was 18 years old – today he would be 30 years old. He was wearing jeans, a plaid button-down shirt, and a gold chain. He didn’t take money, clothing, or any other items that he would need if he was leaving for a long period of time.

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7 Responses to “$2,500 Missing Person Reward – STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE”
  1. jeanette says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I just wanted to know if Detective Kevin Taylor in charge of the case was in any way related to Misty Taylor or any member of her family?



  2. jeanette says:

    1st… My heart goes out to the family.
    Now Can someone answer these questions? please.

    1) Did Zeb have cash on him to buy the vehicle Robert Owens suggests they were going to look at? 2) What kind of business did Misty Taylor and the Aunt go into? and did it ever come about after all these years? 3) What was the occupation of Misty’s boyfriend Wesley? Was he a truck driver? or in a position to travel? and how old was he compared to Misty? 4) When was Zeb’s last oil change and how many miles were put on the car from the time he went missing until the vehicle was recovered? 5) Was anyone able to find out if and where Zeb used the phone to call his Aunt after the page? If he even made a call to her house? and finally 6) Robert Owens sustained quite a few injuries – when exactly did he go to the hospital for treatment? were the doctors or nurses interviewed? was he showered and calm, dirty and agitated, in extreme pain and complaining? or was he treated by Misty and or another member of her family who had access to drugs and other medical supplies from the hospital from which they worked at?

    If….Robert went for treatment but was not in pain at the time I could then conclude that perhaps a member that worked at the hospital helped him before his actual treatment hence offering collusion on their part, perhaps prior knowledge of the event or involvement after the fact. Thank You.

  3. Mark says:

    First of all my extreme condolences to the mother and family of Zeb. This is a horrible event and I cannot imagine the pain.

    I am convinced Misty’s boyfriend killed Zeb as the ring leader, enrolling Taylor and Owens in the conspiracy. The following is the way I believe it happened and explains all the facts I know. By all accounts Misty and her boyfriend are the only two with a motive to kill Zeb (boyfriend’s jealousy about Misty’s friendship with Zeb, Misty wanting to be rid of Zeb who didn’t seem to want to go away). Taylor’s knowledge of foul play is indicated by her lie to police about her relationship with Zeb in face of all accounts otherwise. Owens lured Zeb close to the area with the false tip on a Mitsubishi Eclipse for sale. When leaving Walmart, Owens phoned Taylor from Walmart to let them know they were leaving and prompt Misty and her boyfriend to page Zeb. The call from Walmart would cover phone records between Owens and Taylor. Misty and her boyfriend then went to Zeb’s estranged Aunt’s house that evening (they knew the Aunt was at Misty’s house with her parents and would not be home and snuck out). They used Zeb’s Aunt’s phone to page him (which is why the page to Zeb that evening came from her house that evening and she didn’t know about the call). The call from Zeb’s Aunt’s house would cover phone records between Taylor and Zeb. Zeb’s Aunt lied to police afterward when she suspected they were involved with Zeb’s death…this would explain her strange behavior of reporting a break in and then retracting her story. When Zeb returned the page, Misty lured him to the murder spot by saying she was in trouble with her boyfriend who was going to hurt her and asked for Zeb to come save her…a story Zeb would believe since by all accounts he was naive. This would explain Zeb being frantic when he returned to Owens and why he left without saying where he was going. Owens followed Zeb to the murder spot and the three of them murdered Zeb and disposed of his body. There are eyewitnesses to Misty driving Zeb’s car in Asheville days after the disappearance in Asheville. It took at least two people to leave the car at the restaurant since the person driving the car had to get a ride home. I believe Misty was the driver since the seat was pulled up short, and her boyfriend drove her away. I believe the puppy and the lipstick message on the back window was a ruse to throw off police. This is a very clever murder plot and was thought out by somebody who had a reason to kill Zeb, not a random thing. The story above could be true even without Owens participation and could have been mere coincidence he was with Zeb that evening. However, I believe he is connected somehow which is why he acted so recklessly later. Also, if he was innocent he would have no reason not to speak with police about after his arrest.

    A few questions for police that concern me:

    1) Did anyone confirm there was an actual Mitsubishi Eclipse for sale based on Owens account? This would be simple to determine based on ads or otherwise. If not true then Owens is a liar and involved.

    2) Did anyone verify Owens’ whereabouts the remaining part of the evening and morning after Zeb’s disappearance?

    3) Did anyone try to verify a link between Owens and Misty’s boyfriend ahead of the murder?

    4) Did anyone push Misty’s parents and Zeb’s Aunt on their knowledge of Misty and her boyfriend’s all evening of and next morning after Zeb’s disappearance?

    5) Did anyone check the phone records of the payphone Zeb used to return the page from Zeb’s Aunt’s house? Owens admitted he told Zeb where the payphone was…curious?

    Sincerely, Mark

  4. Mark says:

    PS – one more question 6) Did the police issue a search warrant and try to match the lipstick on the back window of Zeb’s car with that of the Misty Taylor’s?

    PS – more on the story…the jacket and hotel keycard found in Zeb’s car were also ruses to throw off police

  5. Lisa says:

    Owens was surely involved. His employer stated he came into work late the day after Zebb’s disappearance. I wonder if the aunt, Ina Ustich, has a motive to get rid of Zebb because of inheritance of family money or something. She did move out of the area abruptly after Zebb’s disappearance, according to many. I really want to see this solved & I really want to see those responsible pay dearly. This is just not right.

  6. james says:

    I heard there were rumors that Zebb Quinns body was in Lake Juilan and because the lake cant be drained due to power plant, it would never be found? Anyone else ever hear that? If so there has to be a way to check?

  7. Kyle says:

    What I can’t get out of my mind after watching the show ” disappeared ” on ID about Zebb Quinn. A) How is it that the hotel key they found in Zebb’s car have no ” fingerprint ” I’m having hard time believing that. B) The puppy? No trace where it came from? That doesn’t make any sense. C) why not give any of his friends ” polygraph ” D) and last my question to the Police Department: how is it possible in your state someone shoots 8 shots at a police officer ” Jason the last person to see Zebb alive ” while running away from police gets only 4 years in jail!!!!!! Really! If anything I guarantee you he have something to do with it.

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