Melinda Wall McGhee
Date Of Birth: June 3, 1971 Age: 31 years old Height: 5’4″ Weight: 130 lbs. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Race: White Gender: Female NCIC Number: M-96308519
Almost 8 years ago the morning of March 24, 2003 something went terribly wrong at a home on Kent Road north of Atmore, AL. Melinda Wall McGhee, then 31, returned to her home about 8 a.m. after working the night shift as a nurse at a Bay Minette nursing home.
Her husband, Troy McGhee, was at work at Masland Carpets in Atmore. Their two children were at a babysitter, and Troy’s son from a previous relationship was at a dentist’s office. At about 8:30 the morning of March 24, 2003, Melinda McGhee spoke to her mother on the phone. It was the last time anyone known to Melinda would ever hear from her.
At about 4:00 that afternoon, husband Troy came home to find Melinda missing. There was blood and evidence of a violent struggle inside the home. He reported his wife missing.
Melinda’s vehicle was found parked near the house with her keys locked inside. Her purse and cellular phone were inside the residence. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.
Authorities are linking the possibility of Derrick Todd Lee, the alleged Baton Rouge, LA serial killer with Melinda’s abduction. Lee was charged with the murders of 6 LA women in Baton Rouge including Mari Fowler. At the present time, Lee is in prison… Also a suspect is serial killer Jeremy Bryan Jones from Mobile, AL. He is a suspect in the murder of Patrice Endres whos body was found December 2005 after missing for 18 months.
Over the years, there have been several searches for Melinda’s body or clues into the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.
In March 2009, authorities searched an area off Perry Lane in Wawbeek for clues in Melinda’s disappearance. Perry Lane is about a mile north of Highway 31 off Sardis Church Road near Old Atmore Road. The location is about three miles north of the Florida/Alabama line and North Escambia. On the last day of January, 2009, authorities searched a water-filled gravel pit off Jack Springs Roads near the Judson Cemetery between Atmore and Poarch. All of the searches have turned up empty.
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Escambia County Alabama Sheriff’s Department at 251-809-0741 or any local law enforcement agency. Entitlement to the $10,000 reward shall include only private citizens and shall not include members of any government, law enforcement agency or their blood relatives. $5,000 of this reward was raised from family, churches, and friends. That $5,000 will go to anyone who can help in this case!! Total $15,000
Anyone with information on McGhee’s disappearance is asked to call the Escambia County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Department at (251) 809-0741 or their local law enforcement agency.

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