5-11-11 Update: authorities in South Carolina arrested Fares Mustafa, 29, for the murder of a man and the attempted murder of his girlfriend that took place nearly a year ago in the 6200 block of Allen Street, the Jupiter Police Department confirmed this afternoon.

In the June 29 shooting, the man shot dead was identified as John Douglas Anderson, 31 and his girlfriend as Katherine Coonrod, 26.


The shooting of a man and his girlfriend in Jupiter’s Heights neighborhood on June 29, 2010 appears to have been an execution-style attack by a man bent on killing, according to neighbors and a man who survived the shooting.
Neighbors and police say a third person was in the house at 6257 Allen St. when an intruder smashed through the rear sliding glass door with a gun and shot a young couple in their bedroom.The attacker fired several rounds, neighors said, killing John Douglas Anderson, 31, and seriously wounding Katherine Coonrod, 25.
The third person, a man spending the night with the couple in their rental duplex, was asleep on a sofa bed in the living room when the killer broke in and beelined for the bedroom, according to a neighbor who spoke with the man later Tuesday.
“He said he put the cover over his head and he heard shooting and he ran,” said the neighbor, who declined to give her name.
The man told the neighbor that the killer did not appear to say anything before opening fire in the bedroom.
A Jupiter police spokeswoman confirmed that detectives have interviewed the survivor but declined to discuss his statement.
Marcia Sheppler, who lives in the adjoining duplex, was in bed with her 12-year-old daughter, separated by drywall and a few feet of space, when the shots woke her.
She and her daughter dove immediately to the ground, then crawled around to the front of the bed. Through the rear window they saw a man walking away. Fearful they might be the next victims, they hid in the bathroom, armed with mace and a bead-decorated baseball bat.
“I was terrified,” Sheppler said. “It was the longest few minutes of my life. I’ve never been as scared as that before.”
Later, she returned to her bedroom and realized a bullet had pierced the wall, the headboard of her bed and the mattress on which she was sleeping.
Police investigators tore up the mattress to remove the bullet fragments – then bought her a new one.
Residents described the neighborhood as a generally calm area with little major crime. They said the violent attack did not leave them edgy because they assumed Anderson and Coonrod were not random victims.
“I think it was an isolated event,” said Erika Torres, who lives across the street. “This is a calm area.”
Some neighbors complained strange cars frequently came and went from Anderson and Coonrod’s duplex, and that people occasionally pounded on the door late at night.
Police spokeswoman Officer Sally Collins-Ortiz said detectives are investigating whether the killing was drug-related but declined to discuss their findings.
Detectives and crime scene investigators were still working at the home Wednesday. Coonrod remained in critical condition at St. Mary’s Medical Center, police said.
A search of the house turned up prescription pill bottles, five cellphones and $3,000 in cash, which suggests robbery wasn’t a primary motive, police said.
While detectives await the results of scientific testing, the FBI agreed to pitch in $25,000 to a reward fund for information that leads to an arrest in the case. The contribution brings the total reward amount to $36,000, Pascarella said.
Anyone with information about the shooting can call Jupiter Police at (561) 746-6201

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